Company Information

Today there are many business telephone companies that provide sales and service of telephone systems. Fewer companies are nationwide and have the ability to provide new as well as factory re-manufactured equipment that is both provided and installed with a three year warranty.

US Telecom has been dedicated toward providing customers nationwide sales, service, installation, repair, and maintenance of all major brand telephone systems like Nortel, Panasonic and Lucent Technologies since 1989.  US Telecom also has the best warranty in the business. Let us show you how easy it can be to get the right system for your company. Our staff of trained professionals will assist your every need in making sure you obtain “just that right system” for your company.

At US Telecom, we understand telecommunication is a primary necessity. We know that this is something you don’t think about until there is a problem, but when there is a situation, usually the concern is response and cost.

Have you ever called on a service person for your home or automobile that had cost you valuable time and money only to find out the problem still isn’t resolved? Well, we try to make this a situation of the past, and respond in a right away manner, no matter if it’s an emergency or something simple like adding a fax modem jack.

US Telecom can provide our customers with the best solutions and support in the industry. Our knowledge of local markets and relationships with customers and with our Partners strengths in world-class communications technology and global support capabilities, we are confident that we can create high levels of customer satisfaction.